DiMaria Law specializes in the taxation of settlements and verdicts. This is a very specialized niche area of the law, but impacts thousands of litigants annually involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Every dispute involves a tax determination. Much of this is done through negotiation and proper characterization of the facts, analysis and negotiation of tax reporting requirements, negotiations with the opposing party for a beneficial tax outcome, and culminates in substantiation of the taxpayers position through a written “tax opinion.”

Our written “tax opinions” comply with all IRS requirements. Generally, 40-60 pages in length, our written tax opinions resemble a large legal brief with exhaustive analysis of the facts, law, and seek to substantiate the position a taxpayer is taking.

Many of the top lawyers in the Country refer their clients to us to:

– Maximize the net settlement,
– Provide structured settlements and structuring of attorneys fees,
– Help settle cases where tax issues are at issue,
– Negotiate the best tax treatment,
– Refer out the tax advising responsibility and liability,
– Advise as to the tax status of a settlement/arbitration/verdict,
– Avoid Red Flags,
– Strategize as to whether tax exempt status can be achieved,
– Negotiate tax language,
– Negotiate tax issues,
– Negotiate the manner of tax reporting,
– Draft tax language for settlement agreements/awards/verdicts,
– Substantiate a tax position with a written tax opinion.

Often, the work we do helps to get cases settled that might not otherwise settle. This service is designed to provide clients with the tax advice that is required to be given by law and allows the underlying litigation attorney from having to give tax advice.

DiMaria Law also practices in specialized areas of tax, estate planning, trusts, real estate and business law.