Personal Message From Ryan DiMaria:

I’ve been in your shoes…

As a settlement recipient myself, I know how difficult going through litigation can be. I know how many decisions you are faced with. Receiving a settlement or verdict is a great victory, but also comes with a lot of added responsibility and pressure. I have dealt with this myself. We have an obligation to protect what our lawyers fought so hard to get us. Throughout the litigation process, one of the most stressful times for me was when I knew I was going to receive a settlement.

I decided to put much of my settlement in a “structured settlement” and found it was the best way for me to safeguard and grow a portion of that money. I was also audited by the tax authorities on that settlement and faced losing half of it to taxes.

What I do now for others is a direct result of my past experience and is why I am so passionate and driven to do this work for you.

Lawyers, as a former plaintiffs lawyer, I have been part of teams that have settled well over 100 cases totaling over $100,000,000. I know what lawyers are up against when it comes to the pressures of litigation and settlement. The last thing you need is to bring someone in who delays or causes problems in your case. Whether on the tax side or as a structured settlement broker, we understand our role and the dynamics of litigation and settlement. Instead of being a hindrance, we actually help get cases settled.

We are fortunate that almost 100% of our clients come by way of lawyer referrals. We take this responsibility to care for you and your clients very seriously. Lawyers, I know how you don’t want to be the one to give tax advice or structured settlement advice. We take that obligation and liability off your hands when you refer a client to us.

As I would previously settle cases, I noticed that there was a giant gap in help that settlement recipients were without. There was such a dire need for someone who could assist settlement recipients into the next stage of their personal and financial life. Most individuals who come into money unfortunately end up losing it or spending it all within a very short amount of time. This happens to both savvy and non-savvy recipients. I have sought to create a sort of “after-care” for settlement and verdict recipients to guide them through the challenges and pitfalls of receiving a settlement. What we do is address some of the most common needs of a settlement or verdict recipient. I have personally found this to be protection from losing half of this money to taxes and safeguarding some of the money through structured settlements.

I have felt that I was always meant to do this work. No one in the industry is a tax lawyer specializing in settlements and verdicts, former litigation attorney, personal settlement recipient, and structured settlement broker. This allows me to add value, expertise, and care to what we provide that no one else can match.

I never felt pressured under Ryan’s guidance. Even though I decided not to do a structured settlement, Ryan’s advice was always focused on me first and what was best for me. He explained everything but never pressured me.